This year, our silent auction is online! From October 1 to 17 items will be posted on this Facebook page. Scroll through the photos in the posts and bid in the comments. Come back to the page often to raise your bid and check your message requests if you’re the highest bidder. You can pick up your item at the Stepping Stone Seniors’ Centre on Sunday afternoon, October 17.

A big, capital letter THANK YOU to our wonderful artists, makers, and donors of auction items. Without their generous contributions, we wouldn’t be able to do this. The auction helps defray our expenses and pay our authors and poets. We hope you will explore and SHARE:
the auction Facebook page;
our donors’ FB pages, web sites, and businesses; and
this website and our main Facebook page, so you can find out about all our in-person and virtual events.
SCROLL THROUGH the auction site. When you see an item that piques your interest, you can BID by using the Comments section. Please note the minimum bid and bid increment at the end of each item. (Popular items will rise to the top. Keep an eye on your favourites and keep bidding.)
THE AUCTION CLOSES on Sunday, October 17, at 2:00 pm. If you are the winning bidder you will be notified by FB Messenger (please check your message requests and email us if you have any questions) or by phone if you provide your number by email.
PAYMENT is to be made by e-transfer to If you cannot pay be e-transfer, contact us at as soon as you receive our message. You may also pay by cash at The Stepping Stone during our book fair. We must receive your payment before we can release your item.
ITEM PICK-UP: If you are the winning bidder of an auction item, you can pick it up between 2:15 pm and 4:45 pm at the Stepping Stone Senior Centre, 15 Saunders Street, Fredericton. If this is not possible, please call Ida Orenbach at 470-2915 to make alternate arrangements.
THANK YOU for your interest in our auction and all things Word Feast. Happy bidding!
Ida Orenbach: 470-2915,
Jo-Anne Elder:

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