Word Feast and the Fredericton Botanic Garden Association are thrilled to present an afternoon of poetry in the NB Literature Garden on September 25, 2022, at 2pm.

Come on out and hear from award-winning writer Jane Tims and Jordan Trethewey, Fredericton’s Poet Laureate. Both have work featured in the garden – which is a treasure unto itself! Steve Heard, President of the Fredericton Botanic Garden and co-designer of the garden, will introduce the event with a talk about the project and all it contains!


Click here for the animated poster: https://www.facebook.com/100023006923321/videos/2905749486395535/

Alt Text: The image is an animated poster featuring photos of Jane Tims and Jordan Trethewey. Both are smiling in their pictures, placed underneath the Word Feast logo, which reads “Word Feast” in large, bold red font with “Fredericton’s Literary Festival” in smaller black font beneath it. The words appear between two wavy blue lines that conjure up the river valley, and there is an open book between a knife and a fork above the words and dividing the top blue line.

The poster includes date and time – September 25 at 2 p.m. in the Fredericton Botanic Garden with parking at 694 Prospect St.

The bottom of the poster includes the Fredericton Botanic Garden’s logo, which consists of a burnt sienna banner with Le Jardin Botanique de Fredericton Botanic Garden printed across it in white. On the banner’s left hand side is a graphic image of what looks like a wild lily of the valley, in white.

The poster includes a digital, animated orange flower with a red center and green leaves…of no particular species – just for fun.

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