Word Feast is pleased to announce the winners of our second annual postcard story contest! A big thank you to judge Amy Spurway and thank you to all who entered.

Winners and runners-up will read on September 22, 2019, at the Tipsy Muse (88 Regent St.) at 2pm, as part of Word Feast’s Odd Sundays event.

1st place

Lynn Davies, for Writing Assignment
Lynn is the author of three books of poetry. Her poems have been broadcast on CBC
radio, translated into French and Spanish, and nominated for a Governor General’s Award. She also writes essays and book reviews. “So Imagine Me: Nature Riddles in Poetry” for children is forthcoming from Nimbus Books in the spring, 2020.

Congratulations Lynn!!!


Madeline Carr, for Drowning
Madeline is a second-year student studying Interdisciplinary Leadership at the University
of New Brunswick. She has loved reading and writing since a young age but has only recently taken up the latter as a hobby. This is the first creative writing contest Madeline has entered, but she hopes to become more involved with the community in the future.

Kathy Mac, for Dear Kevin Durant 
Kathy loves dogs, helps run the Odd Sundays Reading Series in Fredericton NB, published her third poetry book Human Misunderstanding in 2017, is starting to envy her retired friends though she still enjoys teaching creative writing at St. Thomas University, has won some regional and national writing awards and been nominated for more, has brown eyes, used to have brown hair, and did we mention about loving dogs? And cats.

Thomas Mengel, for Broken Record
Thomas is a leadership professor at UNB, an entrepreneur with his own consultancy, a
futurist, and a writer. He journeys between and beyond times and spaces. Originally from
Germany, he has published both in German and in English. Most of his published writing to date is academic and non-fiction. In addition, he has published some poetry and creative non-fiction. Two novels in the making have received honourable rejections as have his dozen or so short stories. Thomas is proud to have been shortlisted by Word Feast for his submission “Broken Record” to the Postcard Story Contest.

Neil Sampson, for Cry from the Stones
Neil was born and raised on the Bay of Fundy, but—apart from slipping on the
occasional adverb—has settled in nicely on the Nashwaak. Enjoys short stories,
flash fiction; loves most forms of writing. He can add a couplet to any old sonnet, but is not averse to poetry.

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