Registration is now open for our exciting lineup of workshops! They each cost $20 and you can register by sending an email to info(at) We’ll send you confirmation and then payment details when available.

Thursday, September 21 (1 – 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library, Chickadee Hall | $20
Elena Johnson | The Secret Ingredients of a Poem

Why do some poems fall flat, and others leave us dazzled and intrigued? How do some poems affect us deeply, while others have little effect? In this workshop, participants will discover the secret ingredients that give the best poems their mysterious spark. They’ll also experiment with including these ingredients in some new writing of their own. Open to beginner and experienced writers.

Optional: a poem they’ve already written and would like to revise (printed or written out on paper)

Friday, September 22 (1 – 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20
Kathie Goggin | Write your life stories with confidence

Learn simple but effective writing techniques to develop your personal writing style and guide personal experiences and anecdotes onto the blank page as painlessly as possible.  If you have always wanted to write your memoir this motivating workshop is sure to get you started.  Writing your memoir can be fun and rewarding.

Friday, September 22 (1 – 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20
Sue Sinclair | Poetry as Locomotion: How Poems Get Around

Poems are kinetic creatures; they offer different paces of experience and feature different ways of moving. Some stride, some gallop, some wiggle, some bounce, some stroll, some reach, some hold very still. You notice different features of the same street if you walk, bike or drive through it; the same is true of the way a poem invites us to make our way through its landscape. In this workshop we will craft poems that explore some of the ways in which poetry can move, and we’ll notice how the pace and style of movement may bear on emotional tone and meaning.

Saturday. September 23 (1 – 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20
Roland Daigle & Kathy Mac | Making Comic Art: Using Images and Words to Tell a Story

In this introductory workshop on creating a graphic novel, participants will use some basic principles of storytelling to create a one page story combining words and drawings. Participants will work on a story and draw the main character. That character will then be sketched into a several-frame story which begins in media res (in the middle of some action), confronts conflict and adversity, and leads to growth and triumph in the conclusion. Participants will explore the basic elements of drawing with an emphasis on human anatomy and proportion.

Saturday. September 23 (1 – 3 pm) | Fredericton Public Library | $20
Rebecca Rosenblum | Talking Characters

This is a workshop to help writers bring fictional characters to life in a number of ways, but especially by focusing on dialogue. Participants should come prepared with a story-in-progress or at least a story-in-mind. We will work throughout the workshop on fleshing out characters through getting them into communication and, just as importantly, communication in service of their story. Through exercises, discussion, tips and examples, the workshop will help writers use dialogue as a fundamental building block of characters.