Word Feast in the Schools

Various Fredericton Schools | Tuesday – Friday, September 19 – 22, during school hours | Free!

Each day from Tuesday to Friday, festival authors will be visiting Fredericton schools to engage students with an exciting blend of humour, wordplay, and imaginative story-telling. Authors will read from their work, talk about experiences with the writing process, and inspire students to pursue their own creativity.

Please note Word Feast in the Schools events will be exclusive to students and staff of respective schools and closed to the public.

Book Launch!

Harriet Irving Library, UNB | Thursday, September 21, 4 pm | Free!

Whispers of Mermaids

Whispers of Mermaids and Wonderful Things: Atlantic Canadian Poetry and Verse for Children, edited by Sheree Fitch and Anne Hunt (Nimbus, 2017).

Whispers of Mermaids and Wonderful Things reflects years of research and gathering. While the tradition of poetry for children and young adults is strong in Canada’s Atlantic region, the poems themselves are scattered over years and volumes and most have been out of print for a long while. These poems have long needed careful curation and editing. That is exactly what Fitch and Hunt have done in this landmark anthology. With work beginning in the Eileen Wallace Children’s Literature Collection at UNB and extending well beyond, Sheree and Anne have not only unearthed a rich, engaging, and relevant poetic tradition and brought it forward for a new generation of children, they have created new communities of poets and poetry along the way. The volume, though historical in scope, is as fresh as one would hope it to be with many new and exciting voices represented.

Join Sheree and Anne and various contributors as they celebrate the launch of a landmark book!

Saturday Morning Spectacular!

Beaverbrook Art Gallery | Saturday, September 23, 10 am – 12 pm | Free!

Every kid loves Saturday morning and Word Feast is planning a spectacular Saturday celebrating creativity and the arts in New Brunswick. Hosted by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, this free event will combine music, books, and artwork to create a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled experience for children of all ages.


Come hear children’s storytellers and poets sharing their wild and inventive work, admire gallery artwork, dream along to fantastic, original live musical and participate in an artist’s workshop for children (workshop seating is limited – first come, first serve!).

Beloved children’s author Sheree Fitch will conduct the fun as this Saturday morning combines music, words, and colour to create a magical, laugh-out-loud experience for the whole family!

Artist workshops will run from 10 – 11 am, followed by readings, music and silliness from 11 am – 12 pm!