We are offering six workshops this year for aspiring writers to choose from.

Each workshop costs $20 and space is limited.

All workshops take place at the Fredericton Public Library.

To register, email info@wordfeast.ca. Payment can be made by e-transfer (preferred) or by cheque. 


Workshop 1: Steve McOrmond
Breaking Bad: Freeing the Poetic Line from Habits and Norms
Thursday, September 20, 1-3pm

We will look at how our choices about where to break the line affect sound, sense, and how a poem moves. By being more conscious about our line breaks, and pushing past our own formulas and conventions, we can inject greater energy, unexpectedness, and variety into our poems. Participants will draft new work, based on prompts or constraints, and should come prepared to read and discuss their work. Open to beginner and experienced writers.

Workshop 2: Mark Jarman
Prose Workshop.
Thursday, September 20, 1-3pm

This informal workshop will help writers of all levels gain skill in editing and revising stories and writing, whether you are interested in fiction or nonfiction. You are welcome to hand in work before the workshop or simply attend and join in the discussion of the stories, as writers can learn a lot from discussing other stories, especially in terms of convincing dialogue, writing in scenes, and using fresh language.

Workshop 3: Sina Queyras
Writing Through Our Literary Mothers
Friday, September 21, 1-3pm

In this workshop, participants will learn about the ways of approaching and integrating literary texts.

Workshop 4: Brian Bartlett
The Attractions of Nature Writing
Friday, September 21, 1-3pm

We’ll explore many aspects of nature writing, including location, sub- jects of focus (from birds, mammals and trees to scientific specifics, climate and ecological change), literary style, and the observer/writer’s presence. Special attention will be paid to the tradition of chronological “books of days,” and to the special rewards of plein-air (outdoor) writing.


Workshop 5: Donna Kane
From Confession to Revelation: How to Tell Your Story
Saturday, September 22, 1-3pm

Everyone has a story, but what makes it worth writing? What makes it worth reading? In this workshop, participants will be given tools to recognize the underlying forces in their stories and to draw them out in ways that deepen, for both writer and reader, the meaning and insights of those stories.

Workshop 6: Rabindranath Maharaj
Getting Your Novel Ready for Publication
Saturday, September 22, 1-3pm

We will focus on revising your novel to make it more amenable to pub- lishers. The discussions will centre around the following questions: Do you understand the genre in which your novel is placed? Is the length and style right for the genre? Do you have an understanding of your audience? Is the POV right for this story? Are all the characters neces- sary? Is your story just a collection of mostly unrelated episodes? Is it a short story rather than a novel? Does the chain of events seem inevitable? Is there continuity? Is the timeline practical? Have you discovered the theme?


Plus: a special Writing Workshop for Newcomers to Canada, sponsored by The Fiddlehead in collaboration with The Multicultural Association of Fredericton. It will take place at The MCAF (28 Saunders Street).

Anthazia Kadir
Arrivals & Departures — The Stories We Tell
Friday, September 21, 10am-4pm (lunch provided by MCAF), and
Saturday, September 22, 10am-1pm.

Workshop Focus — Memoir Writing (Prose/Poetry)

This writing workshop, designed for newcomers to Canada, provides the creative writing tools for them to reconcile with their journeys from one place to another. Through reflecting and reminiscing on the travels that have brought them thus far, participants will learn how to write about these memories using them as launching pads for their continued life journeys.

To register or for further inquiries, email thefiddlehead@gmail.com